North London is one of the five districts of London, lying to the north of the River Thames. It extends from Clerkenwell and Finsbury, on the edge of the City of London financial district, to Greater London’s boundary with Hertfordshire. North London contains a myriad of different buildings, properties and dwellings, what most, if not all have in common, is that they are partially constructed from, or finished in wood.

Here at MJ Kloss Carpentry and Joinery, we have the skilled craftsmen and quality materials to provide the very best carpentry and joinery services available. Whether you want fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, or a new garden shed, we are the people to call. We are fully insured, accredited, and offer a no quibble two year warranty on all of our work.

Interior Joinery and Carpentry

Any room in your North London house, or commercial property can be completely transformed by professionally installed woodwork. Offices can be cleverly designed to utilise every inch of space, giving staff a clean, fresh, and ergonomically comfortable working environment. It is a known fact that happy employees in a comfortable and clean environment, will always be more productive.

In your North London home, we can create clever built in designs for bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, again making full use of every available inch of space. A change of skirting boards, architraves, cornices, and internal doors can transform a room beyond recognition. We can create bespoke shelving for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.

Our team of skilled carpenters and joiners really can transform any space for you, and once they have left, they are so clean and tidy that you would never know they had been, if it wasn’t for that wonderful new piece of woodwork in your North London home.

Exterior Joinery and Carpentry

Here at MJ Kloss Carpentry and Joinery, we have the skills, experience, and materials required for a wide variety of wood based projects on the exterior of your North London home. We can build and fit bespoke wood framed windows and exterior doors. We can fit beautiful wooden cladding to the exterior of part, or all of your property. We can design and build you the most beautiful garden room, so that you can enjoy the beauty of all seasons in your garden, in complete comfort and style, protected from that North London weather. At the other end of the scale, we can build you a wicked shed for storing garden tools, for a workshop, or just as a man cave.

Garden decking has become more popular than ever. Our team of expert carpenters can design and install beautiful decking outside your North London home, no matter what the shape and size of the space available. Steps and railings, they can do it all, and once it is finished, you will be able to barbecue and chill out, outside, to you hearts consent. There really is no limit to what we can do, just tell us what you want, we will design, build, and install it for you, it’s that simple.

Material Selection

Wood is an amazing, forgiving, versatile, and sustainable material. It is available in a vast range of different types from hard wood to soft wood, from veneer to MDF, we can supply it all. The real skill is in selecting the right material for each job, and that is where we come in. Here at MJ Kloss Carpentry and Joinery, we have the experience required to make sure that the right material is used for each and every project we complete in North London. We walk our customers through the material selection process, so that they understand why a particular material is being used. In cases where a choice of materials are available, we will help our customers make the right decision, using our extensive knowledge and experience.

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